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Little Bray Youth Project

The Little Bray Youth Project was set up at the end of 2001, and is a community based youth project under the management of the Little Bray Family Resource Centre. It was established to enable those experiencing poverty and social exclusion to bring about socio-economic change. The project strives to provide quality of access to the young people of Bray, motivate their sense of community, whilst nurturing their ability to participate in a voluntary capacity. In order to achieve its purpose, the Little Bray Youth Project will further develop and strengthen relationships with and between, young people, workers, external agencies/services and the local community. This will ensure participation, representation and opportunity for its continued development

The target group are disadvantaged and socially excluded young people living and socialising in the Little Bray Area(Fassaroe)  aged 10-25 years.  Young people are also targeted through links and referrals from other providers and agencies responsible for young people in the Little Bray Area.

Contact  phone: 012867644

email: lbfradmin2@eircom.net