Service Information


needle_exchangeThe following locations provide clean injecting equipment, and have  a return facility for used injecting equipment. :

Bray Community Addiction Team ( 012764692)

Open access exchange Monday to Friday ,  10 am to 6 pm daily

Daish (012762075)

Thursdays 2-4 pm:    in partnership with HSE Outreach services

Out of hours service on request.

H.S.E Outreach services. ( 0872510449) Mobile Exchange Service is provided every Wednesday, from 10:30-4:00 ( no appointments necessary)

In case a  members of the public  finds a discarded syringe

Contact Bray Town Council ( 012744900) : If an individual finds needles/syringes the council should be called who will deploy trained personnel with sharps containers, pickers and gloves designed to prevent needle stick injury.

Little Bray FRC (012867644) also  have equipment to recover needles/syringes and can facilitate residents

Staff trained of universal precautions regarding handling sharps.

Disposal through HSE addiction services